30 years of ingenuity only escorts you and the people around you.

Mr Xie kunzong, chairman of Beijing Taiwan-funded enterprise association, vice president of Beijing foreign-funded enterprise association, vice president of Beijing overseas friendship association, and seventh generation descendant of Taiwan Province Baoshutang pharmaceutical, founded Beijing Baoshutang technology pharmaceutical co., ltd in 1989.

Beijing Baoshutang Technology Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd is primarily involved in the development, research, and production of traditional Chinese medicine, and has a large sales network throughout the country and Southeast Asian countries.

Among them, Beijing Baoshutang Technology Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.'s leading product "Compound Camphor Cream" (formerly known as Baofuling) has been trusted and praised by consumers since its introduction, and it won the "Sixth Asean Academic Conference on Traditional Chinese Medicine and International Exhibition on New Achievements of Traditional Chinese Medicine-Golden Elephant Award for Excellent Products" in 2000. Furthermore, the company's other products are made from selected Chinese herbal medicines and combined with scientific technological processes.

Beijing Baoshutang Science and Technology Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. not only has a group of enterprising technical talents and business elites, but it also develops new products in collaboration with well-known experts, scholars, universities, and scientific research units at home and abroad to ensure each product's high quality and scientificity.

Our business development strategy:

Carry on the profound traditional culture of Chinese traditional medicine, lead the Chinese traditional medicine industry through serialization, standardization, and globalization, and strive for the historical mission of "Chinese traditional medicine is world-famous" for the rest of your life.

Internationalization and global territory expansion

Beijing Baoshutang Group's goal and vision is internationalization.

We currently have several distribution units in Thailand, the Philippines, and Malaysia, in addition to nearly 20 branches on the Chinese mainland. We intend to open branches in Europe, the United States, and Australia, with a focus on overall international marketing planning and the provision of a global service network as the ultimate goal.

research and development of products

Committed to the development of high-quality products in response to market demand

Beijing Baoshutang technology pharmaceutical co., ltdresearch .'s and development technology is jointly collaborated by the company's research and development department and domestic and international well-known experts, scholars, universities, and scientific research units, with the most advanced research and development technology, so that every achievement can be new, strange, refined, and cutting-edge. There are more than 1,000 actual clinical cases for each new product in the research and development process to ensure the product's quality is more precise and perfect, and Baoshutang's research and development technology always maintains the leading level.

production capacity

Large-scale service market

With the increasing expansion of the market, the original production scale can't meet the needs of today's market. In order to adapt to this development, Beijing Baoshutang Science and Technology Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. built a new gmp standard factory building of 15,000 square meters, forming a large-scale production system. The company plans to open up a new production base and expand the production scale in a short time, so as to better serve the market.

Production workshop and equipment

Beijing Baoshutang technology pharmaceutical co., ltd. currently has five workshops, which include a pill production workshop, a mixture (oral liquid) production workshop, a paste production workshop, a granule production workshop, and a tablet and capsule production workshop. It also has a boiling extraction workshop and a grinding workshop, which can produce 9 dosage forms, over 30 specifications, and over 40 products. All of the production equipment is up to international standards.

Product Introduction

The main product of traditional Chinese medicine preparation, compound camphor cream (formerly known as Baofuling), has a good reputation both at home and abroad.

At the moment, Beijing Baoshutang Technology Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. manufactures over 40 different types of drugs, and its flagship product, "Compound Camphor Cream" (formerly known as Baofuling), is widely accepted and used by consumers both at home and abroad. Other drugs that are popular among patients include Guilu Zishen Pill, Shouwu Pill, Qufeng Shujin Pill, Qianjin Zhidai Pill, and Wuzi Yanzong Pill. Furthermore, based on consumer demand, the company will introduce more drugs suitable for the market each year.

production control

Strive for Excellence and scientific management

Beijing Baoshutang science and technology pharmaceutical co., ltd is professional-oriented, and has introduced advanced production lines and testing equipment. With perfect testing ability, it has taken the lead in passing the national gmp certification, strengthened the management of quality system and ensured the rights and interests of every Baoshutang user.

Baoshutang business philosophy:

Advocating life science and caring for human health

Advocating green consumption and maintaining ecological balance

Baoshutang business slogan:

Choose Baoshutang= choose health.