Baoshutang Baofuling solemnly declares.

Recently, some merchants appeared on the Internet, claiming that they and Bao Hutang were once a brand, but that they separated in order to preserve the authentic Bao Hutang Baofuling brand. However, the propaganda behavior is blatantly contradictory to the facts, and it is suspected of misleading and deceiving consumers. Bao Hutang draws consumers' attention and encourages them to look for Bao Hutang Baofuling with "National Medicine Zhun Zi."

Since its inception in 1989, Baoshutang Baofuling has been a drug produced and sold by the Baoshutang Group, and there has never been a separation of products and brands. In response to these false rumors, we hereby state unequivocally:

First, the name change of Baoshutang Baofuling is due to a National Medical Products Administration regulation in 2002 that drugs should be released under their generic names, according to "National Medicine Zhunzi" information. As a result, Baoshutang Baofuling has been officially renamed "compound camphor cream" since 2002, but it was renamed with "former name: Baofuling" rather than "product separation," as had been rumored.

Second, Bao Hutang's registered trademark is "Bao Hutang Baofuling." This product has been well received by users since it was introduced to the market. Simultaneously, some unscrupulous and unscrupulous merchants took advantage of the opportunity to manufacture counterfeit and shoddy goods through various means. To achieve economic gains, harmful ingredients are randomly added to commodities, putting users' health at risk.

Baoshutang, as a large pharmaceutical company, places a high value on social responsibility. To avoid such incidents, it decided to change the packaging several times rather than being forced to do so, as had been rumored.

Baoshutang Baofuling was upgraded to transparent acrylic packaging in 2012, and it is still in use today. The original blue packaging has since been discontinued, and similar products on the market have nothing to do with Baoshutang!

The approval number of Baoshutang Baofuling has been changed twice in 31 years, since the birth of the first can in 1989.

The government approved Baoshutang Baofuling in 1991 with the approval number: Jing Wei Yao Jian Zi (91)z-02.

Baoshutang Baofuling received the document number Jing Wei Yao Jian Zi (1996) No.0244 in 1996.

Baoshutang Baofuling was upgraded from a local drug standard to a national drug standard in 2000, with the approval of the National Pharmacopoeia Committee. As a result, the approval number was changed from "Jian" to "Zhun," corresponding to the national medicine Zhun character h11022269 seen on the product packaging.

These three approval numbers identify Baoshutang Baofuling and also show that Baoshutang Baofuling has been used for its own purposes by the Baoshutang group and has not been separated.

If you have any questions about the products, please contact us at 400-898-8816 for consultation and verification. To check the authenticity, go to our official website, Baoshutang, and enter the 16-digit anti-counterfeiting code in the "anti-counterfeiting query" column.

Finally, I want to thank you for your belief in and support for Baoshutang and Baofuling products. Please do not believe rumors. If you need to purchase products, please use the official Baoshutang channel.